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About the 8-BIT KIDS book

"It's amazing! Great job! Looking forward to supporting your next project."

- Eduardo

"Just opened it - it is absolutely amazing!!

From what you had already told and shown on Kickstarter/megafounder, Facebook and in our e-mails, I already had high expectations - and your book and extras not only fulfilled them but even exceeded them! All the look & feel, printing quality, layout & design, absolutely superb. And how did you  manage to get all these amazing 80s adverts, images and all the stuff you photographed, looking so pristine as if they have just come out of production? As for the content - I had refrained myself from reading your story in the PDF you sent me, as I wanted to wait for the real deal - and now I'm looking forward to finally doing so :)

Again - wow! Great work!! 

And yes, I am VERY happy with it! Will relive some highly treasured memories now :)"

- Mark

"Book is outstanding !  Did not read all yet but I definitely love it.  Also, many thanks for the great pacaking.  It arrived in MINT condtion for my collection !"

- Thierry

"Hi Koen, I got my copy yesterday in Chicago area! Absolutelly stunning, concentrated nostalgia! Love the book! Thank you!"

- Christopher

"You're the best Koen! Thanks for making my first KickStarter experience so awesome!"

- Steve

About the SID Waves LP

"Bought the record yesterday and I have been listing to it non-stop: in the car, at the gym and at home. An absolute awesome synthpop CD. Music you didn't knew you needed until you heard it."

- Stefaan H.

"My gold Vinyl has just arrived. It is a thing of beauty.

Perfectly packaged too. Bravo."

- John H.

"Mine just arrived in Hawaii today! Everything looks amazing. Can't wait to give it a listen. Thanks!"

- Anthony B.

"I'm really glad I supported this project. The music is right up my alley, I've listened to the digital album several times already and enjoy it immensely. On top of that I received the CDs today and the digipack artwork is absolutely stunning."

- Peter M.

"GREAT !!!  
nice songs, nice atmosphere .. you did a great job!"

- Hannuman

"Just listening to the three on bandcamp and oh my god do they capture the synth pop of the 80s, thoroughly enjoying them, great to program to :) brilliant job guys!!"

- Richard H.

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