This book is all about being a youngster in the 1980's.

Your status was measured by how many discs and the amount of popular games you possessed. The kid with the new and highly desired games was ruler of our world.

Many bubble-gum, A-team gaming cards and even BMX bikes traded hands for these new, not so new and even cracked games. Nothing mattered more than being Knight Rider, the A-team and even ET for a moment. Click  bookcover to order.

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Thé story of growing up in the 1980's!

With this project I hope to bring you in my world of growing up with THE Commodore 64. My book will take you back in time and hopefully give you the feel of how an 80s youngster’s life revolved around this machine. Just imagine your teenage bedroom full of friends and this shiny Commodore, like a king, standing proud in the middle.

Around this machine, battles were fought, friendships were strengthened, plenty of emotions were shared and exciting times always lay ahead.



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